Sunday, April 14, 2024

Light Switches for the Remodelled Bathrooms

The light switches for the two remodelled bathrooms needed to be changed.  I wanted an illuminated switch for the main bathroom light for all the bathrooms, and to change the normal toggle switch to a rocker switch.

For the central bathroom, the current switch was a single toggle switch by the door.

 so we took it out, and put in an illuminated rocker switch.

The illumination is very faint but shows up at night on the top half of the switch.

For the Master Bathroom, the switch for the bathroom lights is part of two switches, one for the bathroom, and the other (a 3-way switch) for the bedroom.

We remove the first switch (on the left) for the bathroom with an illuminated rocker switch, and replace the second switch with a 3-way rocker switch.

We needed the two illuminated switches, plus the 3-way switch, plus the new switch plate to cover them up.  $29.17 at Home Depot.