Sunday, March 17, 2019

Painting the Back Bedroom (and Bathroom) (Again!)

After Lauren moved out of the back bedroom, I patched all the holes in the wall from thumb tacks and such.  Then I tried to repaint those areas.  But we did not have a record of the paint used, and trying to match a sample resulted in a touch-up paint that was too dark.  Not being able to convince Linda that it just looked like "camouflage" paint, we set out to repaint the room.

Linda decided to paint the ceiling "Heavy Cream", like all the other rooms in
the house.  For the walls, she tried a couple of colors, but settled on "Green Power".  We had about a half-gallon of Heavy Cream left from the last ceiling work we did; that did the bathroom and half the bedroom.  Then we had to get another gallon to finish the bedroom.
The whole job took 4 or 5 days.  Everything had to be taped off first, with lots of plastic sheeting.  Then the edges painted.  Finally the main painting was rolled on.  First the ceilings.  Then the walls.

First for the bathroom.

 Then for the bedroom. 

It took about 1.5 gallons of the Green Power paint.