Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dirt for the Raised Garden

With all the cement and stone work done for the raised garden, it is now time to fill it with dirt.  The raised garden is about 9 feet across, 20 feet long, and 3 to 4 feet deep.  The raised wall is one to two feet high.

First we build a ramp to allow us to move wheelbarrows of dirt up over the walls.

 When we excavated the old raised garden, we piled the dirt in two piles in the back yard.  One is on top of zone 2, just outside the kitchen.

So we start digging up this pile and dumping it into the raised garden pit.  After two days, the pile is gone.

and we have a bottom layer of dirt in the raised garden.

The other pile was across the back yard.

and 2 days later, it is also in the raised garden, almost filling it.

We had one smaller pile of dirt, mostly left over from the last dirt we bought and had delivered.  That was just enough to fill the raised garden.  Now we can remove the ramp, and use the decomposed granite in it to smooth out the path around the raised garden.

and we have an empty back yard again.