Friday, March 15, 2024

Cabinets for Bathroom Remodel Arrive

 The new cabinets for the two bathrooms being remodelled arrived today.  They were first unloaded into the garage.

And then moved into the appropriate bathroom.  The two tall cabinets were the most difficult to move since they were too tall to go thru the doors.  They temporarily removed the base from one of them.  The other we were able to get in by removing the light bulb and cover from the hall light fixture just outside the door to the bathroom.

Once they were in place, they were attached to each other and the walls.  The master bath has the simplest layout -- all along one wall.

The center bathroom has two walls with cabinets.  The left wall is not planned to have a sink (although all the connections are still in place below it.

The right wall will have the sink.

The doors and drawers are to be delivered at a later time, probably within two weeks.  But this allows the counters and sinks to be put in while we wait for the doors and drawers.