Monday, April 28, 2014

More dirt for the backyard

We want to move the Monkey grass from its current temporary location back to Zone 2.  We have finished the excavation of Zone 2, but in the intervening time, the ground has settled substantially.  So we need more dirt for Zone 2.

We order 8 cubic yards of Grower's Mix from Austin Landscape Supplies, at $35 a yard, plus $70 delivery fee (Total of $378.88 including the tax).  They dumped it in the front yard.

Using the wheelbarrow, we moved it around and put it in Zone 2

In the lavender bed (North bed).

Where the old olive tree was in the South bed (it had settled).

In the herb garden (still needs more)

And we have some left over, for the lawn, when we finish it.

This gives us a clean front yard again.

Since it was delivered around Noon on Saturday, it took half a day
on Saturday, plus all day Sunday to move all the dirt.