Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Irrigation system water usage

If we are going to be able to reduce the amount of water that we use for lawn irrigation, it would help to know how much we are using for each Zone.  So I ran each zone by itself, reading the water meter before and after.  Our water usage now is:

Zone 1      42
Zone 2    136
Zone 3    279
Zone 4       0  (currently off)
Zone 5    164
Zone 6    167
Zone 7    165
Zone 8    215
Zone 9    174
Zone 10  246
Zone 11  146

That gives us a total of 1692 gallons.

When I did this, I notice 3 leaks in the system and fixed them.

When I just read the meter on Tuesday night and then again on Wednesday morning, after the system has run its entire sequence, it seems to take 1128 gallons.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Digging up the East Lawn, Part 3

We have dug up the East lawn close to the Monterrey oak and then next to the part that had already been dug up.

The last part of the East Lawn that needs to be dug up is this last part that hugs the stone wall.  We have to remove the top level of dirt.

And then remove the rock that is under the top layer of rock.

 And then move down and remove the top layer of dirt

 and break up the rock that is underneath to clean it all out.

We still need to trim closer to the stone wall.

Another day of work finishes that off.

And now it is just filling the hole back up with dirt.  That just takes a couple of days for all the dirt we have, but we are seriously needing more dirt.

We satisfied the need for more dirt by two orders of dirt.  Each order was for 8 cubic yards.  The first went to Austin Landscape Supplies for Grower's Mix -- $378.87 for 8 cubic yards ($35 a cubic yard) including a $70 delivery charge (8/19/2014) (and tax).  That order was not enough, and not really of very good quality, so the next order was to Whittlesey Landscape Supplies for  8 cubic yards of Professional Mix  -- $434.30 ($40.15 a cubic yard) including a $80 delivery charge (8/21/2014).