Monday, March 21, 2016

More Dirt for the West Lawn

We ordered another 8 cubic yards of Professional Mix dirt from Whittlesey Landscape Supply.  $439.71 including delivery ($85) and taxes. 

This is to provide the dirt needed to level the last section of the West Lawn between the River of Rocks and the big Oak tree.

It took about 80 wheel-barrow loads to get it from the front of the house around to the back.   That area should now be ready for planting with the Texas Sedge that the landscape plan calls for.

We probably needed about 3 cubic yards for that area, so we had lots of left-over dirt.  We are going to need dirt to fill in the Bottoms, between the Rock Retaining Wall and the Jungle, so we just dumped the rest of the dirt over the Rock Retaining Wall into the Bottoms.

We will need to distribute it around and smooth it out, but it's a start on rebuilding the Bottoms.