Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Planting the Front Yard

 Linda has selected a number of native plants and grasses to plant in the front yard.

The bulk of the area is to be a form of prairie grass developed by the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.  We have sown it over much of the front yard. It is a mixture of Buffalo grass, Blue Grama, and Curly Mesquite.

 Before we were aware of this, Linda had separately sown some  Blue Grama, and so our mix may have more of that than the Wildflower Center.

 In addition, she wants to put a set of taller grasses in the back:  Mexican feather grass, Lindheimer muhly, Bamboo muhly, Gulf muhly and Sideoats grama.  Then we planted some Bluebonnets. 

And she planted a bunch of other native plants:  Blackfoot daisy, Gregg's mist flower, salvia greggi, Barbados cherry, mealy blue sage, purple coneflower.


Update, May 2022:  most of the plants have grown quite nicely, especially the buffalo grass, and the bluebonnets.

But we noticed a bug on the bluebonnets.  Then another. And another! 

We looked it up and it is a Conchuela stink bug.  We have captured about 120 of them in the bluebonnets in our front yard.


Update, June 2020:  The bluebonnets are gone to seed, and the temperatures have reached 100 degrees, but the front yard is holding up well.