Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Burying the Cat (again)

Back in 2002, our cat, Pepper, died.  We buried her in the backyard, along the fence.  I'm now digging up along the fence.

I think I know where she is buried, and after some work, I found her.  Or at least parts of her.  Her skull was the most obvious part, and once that was located, other bones -- ribs, backbone, hip, legs -- were located.

I put her remaining bones into a nicely decorated clay pot

and reburied them at the bottom of zone 2.

 with a flat piece of flagstone on top.

This should be a quiet spot for her remains, out of the way, and unlikely to be further disturbed.

Digging along the fence, Part 3

Back to digging.  The goal is to get to the rock wall, so we can install the edge wall along the fence.

After another day, more progress.

 More days, more progress.


 And finally, we have it dug out all the way to the stone wall.

Once we have it dug out, we then go back and work on trimming it up so that it is straight down from the fence.  One day got us about 2/3 of the way to the end, but that's enough to start pouring cement.

Straight down the fence, all the way to bedrock.

Now we can frame it up with our standard pieces of Masonite sheets  using 1 x 4 wood pieces to separate it from the fence, and then using compost and mulch bags to hold it all in place.

 This first part took 15 bags of 60-pound Quik-crete and 2 and a half hours to mix and pour.

Now we can dig out the remainder while this sets up.  Then we can remove the framing and move it down to the remaining section.