Friday, October 8, 2010

Digging in the South Pit

October 2010

I'm back to work digging. I was out for awhile with heart surgery, but they say I can go back to digging now. When I left off in June, the corner of the back yard looked like this:

So getting back to work, I enlarged the area that had been excavated to a rectangle.

We had a problem that the dog fell into the pit and couldn't find her way out, so I build a short PVC fence to keep her out.

The next few days were just expanding the excavated area.

This morning (Friday, 8 Oct), was more of the same -- expanding the area that we have dug down to rock.

Of course, we need a place to put all the dirt being dug out. We get about two or three wheelbarrows of dirt for every one of rock.

The pile of dirt just gets bigger, day by day.