Monday, October 19, 2015

Excavating the West Lawn Bottom Zone, Part 3

More digging.

 Extending the Retaining Wall.

Digging up to the back yard patio sidewalk, to begin laying down the other end of the River of Rocks.

We need to find proper height rocks to extend the Retention Wall over the excavated path, and then put the River of Rocks over them.

While we were working on this, the Fall rainy season arrived.  At one point we got 5 inches of rain, which flooded the pit that we've excavated.

And then five days later, we got 8.5 inches, flooding it again, and even higher.

The result is that it is too wet to work.  The dirt is very heavy and sticks together; I think this is from a high clay content.  After two weeks, it's difficult to dig, but possible.  I used this time to finish the Retaining Wall and link it in with the beginning of the River of Rocks by the back sidewalk.