Wednesday, April 28, 1993

Outdoors and Upgrades

April 1993

More dirt for the yard and flower beds. 12 cubic yards of Landscape Mix from Whittlesey $234.36.

June 1993

Upgrade part of the sprinkler system in the back yard. Dug up rock from the center of the back yard and put in another sprinkler head, more dirt and grass sod. $38.62

August 1993

Replace the front door lock and handle. The original door knob was meant to be just temporary, so it finally came time to replace it with a real door knob. This is a big brass unit with buttons on the side and a built-in deadbolt. From Stripling-Blake. $529.98 plus $238.03 for installation.

August 1993

Repaint the house. Mike Thompson $1480.00 He last painted the house in July 1992 for $2790, but this time it was only one coat, not two. Again Kelly-Moore Color #364, Natural Cedar.

October 1993

The sprinkler control system was just tacked onto the interior garage wall when the sprinklers were installed. I re-did this by cutting out the sheetrock and framing a little cubby hole between the studs. I added another electrical outlet in the bottom of the framing specifically for the sprinkler control. In theory, I could add a door over it, but there seems no reason to do that.

Feb 1994

Cut down about 10 male mountain juniper trees -- I'm highly allergic to them. To replace them, I planted 2 peach treees, plus a harvester peach, a red delicious apple, a golden delicious apple, and a pear tree. Also 3 Rough-leaf dogwood trees.

March 1994

Put a new Oak shelf in the Master Bedroom closet. Eight feet long, 1x12, oak. $44.40

A little later, I added another one to the Master Bedroom closet ($13.48) and one to one of the kids bedrooms ($10.11). The builder had put in poles for hanging clothes. These were supported by metal brackets that are designed to hold a shelf above them, but he didn't put the shelf in. These three shelves were basically filling in all the shelves missing from the supports. These two later ones were pine, so they were much less expensive than the oak one. Partly this was cost; partly it was because they are not as long, so don't have to be as rigid. Each shelf was stained and poly-urethaned (two coats).

16 April 1993

A coat rack for the back bedroom closet. Brass hooks on a wooden plaque.

24 April 1993

A ceiling fan in the one room that still doesn't have one. I think Leanne had the ceiling fan, so all I had to do was install it. Needed a fan brace plus some wiring and switches.

28 April 1993

Install a wire shelf and hanger rod underneath it in the utility room. This was positioned up over where a freezer could be put. 20 inches deep and wall to wall.