Tuesday, March 29, 2022

More Sod for Back Yard

 The area where we took out the Monterrey Oak, and it's bed last summer and then added a Mexican Plum has been sitting since then.  So it seems it is time to finish it off.

First we spread more dirt, to even it out, as some of it has settled. 

Then we bought a half a pallet of Zoysia Palisades from The Grass Outlet.  $173.20. That is 80 pieces. We used about 50 to cover this area. 

There was another area just around the corner where the slope was too steep.  We added dirt to make it slope more gently, and then put another 20 sod pieces on it.

And the final pieces were put down at the bottom of the stairs to the back porch.  Stepping off the sidewalk at this point after coming down the stairs repeatedly has caused this section to sink below the sidewalk significantly, so new sod will help raise it up an inch or so.

These new pieces of the lawn will need frequent watering to keep them alive and get them established.  Part of the timing is they are predicting rain tonight.