Saturday, March 9, 2024

New Light Wiring in Attic

 Encouraged by the replacement of the Loft light fixture with an LED one, we want to replace the attic light fixtures (currently 4 foot fluorescent shop lights) with LED lights.  A couple of the fluorescent attic lights work poorly, or not at all.  We found some inexpensive replacement lights at Home Depot (4 ft. 88-Watt Equivalent Integrated LED Utility White Shop Light with Pull Chain, Bright White) for $19.97. 

These lights plug into an outlet; they are not designed to be hard-wired.  This seems a trend, so it seems advantageous to convert the current wiring to provide plugs for the lights.

There are 5 fluorescent light fixtures in the attic; 3 work poorly, so we start with those. First we do the one near the chimney and HVAC system.

We remove the old light fixture, to get a bare ceiling.  


The wiring box is not suitable for an outlet, so we install a new box to the side.  We run the wire that went thru the old box over to the side and down into the new box, and attach it to an outlet.

Plugging in the new fixure.

Then we move to the other end of the attic, to the center light, and remove it also.

We install a new box to the side of this spot, next to the living room ceiling.  In this case, the box for the old light seems to be a junction for wires going to many of the lights, so we leave that wiring and add a short new wire that runs to the box and the new outlet.  We cover the old junction box with a spare cover we had.

Removing the yellow outlet tester, and putting on a cover plate, we can plug in the new light fixture.


Finally, we do the same to the light fixture over the kitchen, removing the old fixture

and running the wire back over to the wall around the kitchen skylight, we install a new box and an outlet.

We can then plug the new light fixture into the outlet.

We see that all the new outlets work correctly under the control of the 3-way light switches near the attic access door into the loft and the stairs into the garage.