Saturday, December 26, 2020

Digging up the back half of the front yard, Part 8

 I posted the stump to Craig's List and over a few weeks, got several inquiries.  But then one day, late in the afternoon, a group showed up with a trailer and a pick-up and a winch, and after 3 hours of work, drove off with it, leaving me just the hole.

At this point there are two directions we can continue digging.  One is the section at the front, towards the street, up to the line of where we dug last summer.  

The other is the section back towards the house.  We've dug that down to the layer of rock that underlies the front yard, and have about a foot or so more to go.

This back half mainly needs jack hammer work, we think, so we decided to go for the front half first, since it would require just shovel work to start.

So first we dug down thru the actual dirt that tops the yard.

That exposed a hunk of rock.

Most of that was loose and manageable, so we were able to remove it.

And then with the jack hammer, we could go lower.

Then the rains came, and the snow, and further digging will need to wait until it is drier and warmer.