Sunday, September 20, 2020

Digging up the back half of the front yard, Part 5

 We used the jackhammer to break up the rock both in the trench, towards the street, and around the base of the stump.

This gets us to a level about 9 to 12 inches below the stump.

We can then continue to dig out the dirt from around the stump.

And slowly work our way around the stump.

Taking out rock and roots as we go.

until we have the stump and its roots pretty well exposed.

This produces both a lot of rock, which we are disposing of, and a lot of dirt.  The dirt gets mixed with leaves and grass, and then piled up.  Initially we were carting it up and onto the part of the front yard that has already been dug up, in the front.

but that area is pretty well filled up at this point, from the sidewalk to the street to the mailbox all the way back to where we are digging.  So we started to fill in a small corner of the trench which was pretty well done.

but now we have pretty well filled that area up too.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Trouble with a Bradford Pear Tree

 Yesterday was a quiet and peaceful day, but when we got up this morning, there was a tree (branch) in our driveway!

The limb had just given way.

So, we used a pair of loppers and a chain saw to trim it all down and then cut it up.

This left a pile of branches and wood pieces that we will need to get rid of but it moved it off of the driveway.

We may need to do something to seal over the spot where it broke off, and the neighbor suggested we may need to take the next branch up from this off too, but for now ...

Digging up the back half of the front yard, Part 4

 Eventually, we got the basic trench all the way to the back of the yard, up against the wall that we built last year.

Now we turn and start digging along the wall to the other side of the tree stump.

And then we turn and dig towards the stump itself.

The top layer of dirt is what we brought in last year.  Below that is the mix of leaves and dirt that we dug up, and below that is the layer that the roots grow thru.  The roots have a relatively narrow layer of dirt to grow in, maybe 8 inches deep.  Below that is a layer of rock.  Crumbly rock, but rock. So if we dig into the 8 inches of dirt just above the underlying rock layer, we find the tree roots.

Removing the roots -- using an axe and a chainsaw as necessary -- gives us a thin layer of dirt to scrape off.

And shoveling that dirt out of the trench (and into the growing dirt pile by the street) exposes a layer of rock that we will need the jackhammer to break up and remove.

As we dug the dirt up and separated out the rocks, we added leaves and grass to increase the organic content of the dirt, trying to make it good soil instead of just plain dirt.  We got bags of leaves from the neighbors, but now have used all of those up.  We stored the leaves at the far end of the trench, but now it is fully exposed, and we see there is also a layer of rock to remove from the other end of the trench.