Saturday, May 21, 2022

Digging up the remainder of the Front Yard, Part 1

There remains one patch that we have not yet excavated -- between the sidewalk and the driveway, between the front porch/patio and the Rock Wall around Fuzzy.


We first move the granite pieces out of the way -- our intent is to use them as stepping stones later. 

We start by digging in the corner near the front door.

We discover a sprinkler line that runs diagonally from that corner.

Not expecting this line, we hit it a couple of places (so it now leaks) and we will redefine the sprinkler layout for this area (Zone 11), so for now, we just take it out and keep digging.

We extend this towards the driveway.

and in so doing, find another part of the sprinkler line, so we continue digging to expose it.

We remove the sprinkler line -- capping off the end that comes from the direction of Fuzzy. 

Which exposes a layer of rock, which we break up and remove, only to reveal -- Another layer of rock!

And at this point, we need to take a break, because we are expecting wet weather.