Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Trimming the Trees

We had our trees trimmed yesterday.  We have this done occasionally.   It's not cheap.  Looking back we did this in

10/21/2001    Arbor Tech                              $503
4/27/2005      Arbor Tech                            $1300
3/2/2010        Crawford Tree Service           $750
7/21/2015      Better Price Tree Service       $900

So it looks like we do this about every 5 years.  This year was much like other years -- 3 or 4 people show up and swarm over the trees, trimming off dead limbs and keeping the trees away from the house.  We like trees, so our objective is to keep the trees alive and happy, otherwise we are not trying to control the trees.

And what are our trees?   The live oak out front is "Fuzzy".

The other large tree in the front is "The General", a Spanish Oak.

Nestled under The General, at the corner of the house is a small Mountain Laurel.

In addition, in the front yard, we have two ornamental Bradford Pear trees that shade both our driveway and the neighbor's driveway.

and behind the Bradford Pears are a stand of Crape Myrtles (Watermelon Red).

There is one more Crape Myrtle (Dallas Red) between the garage and the front door.

If we go into the back yard, over by the River of Rocks, we have the "Three Sisters" Drake Elm trees.

And back a little further in the back yard is another Live Oak

We also have a few Shin Oaks left from before the house was built.  One sits right in the middle of the River of Rocks in the back yard.

There are more Shin Oaks in the Jungle, plus a couple of other trees -- one a White Oak.  It's difficult to get a picture of any of these trees individually, what with the Bamboo Grove and the other plants in the Jungle.

We have two other Shin Oaks, in the other corner of the back yard.  These were originally in the middle of the back yard, but we moved them, and they seem to be happy in their new location.

On this East side of the house, the Monterry Oak  is the largest tree.

Its companion outside the kitchen window is the Chinese Pistache.

Of course, we also have our two Olive trees (which may or may not work out with our cold weather winters):

And our latest addition, intended to provide shade for the middle of the back yard, our Pecan tree.