Saturday, June 22, 2013

Filling in the Backyard Pit

Having excavated most of the rock out of the backyard, now it is time to fill it back in.

This takes lots of time, and seems to make little progress.  The dirt in the pile has to be loosened up, mixed with lots of leaves, and then dumped into the pit.

Eventually, making my way across the yard, the pile of compost and mulch gets in the way, so I have to move it to another area of the yard.

Since the area in the front, with the grass has not yet been dug up, I want to leave some room to be able to do that, so I try to stick close to the cement wall for the walkway.

As we go around the corner, it is obvious that some of this needs to be dug up and cleaned, to clear a path for filling in the pit.

These big rocks, by the base of the tree, should be removed, while I have the chance.

That leaves it much cleaner, with room for dirt to be moved from the pile into this newly cleared area.

And so, over time, we are working to fill this in with a mixture of leaves and dirt.

This is slow going.  Partly, it takes time to mix the dirt and leaves, and partly the dirt pile is in the middle of the yard and so is in direct sunlight most of the day, making it difficult to work on it for very long in the Texas summer heat.