Friday, March 25, 2016

West Lawn Sedge

The landscape plan calls for Inland Sea Oats and Texas Sedge in the West Lawn.  We have seeds for the Inland Sea Oats and have tried planting those.  The next step is the Texas Sedge.   Texas Sedge should be drougth tolerant, shade tolerant, and low maintenance.

Linda found some Texas Sedge at McNeal Growers, in Manchaca, Texas, a short drive from Austin.  We bought 27 flats of Sedge.  Each flat is 1 foot by 2 feet, containing 18 4-inch containers.  That's 486 4-inch containers.  $742.50

Linda suggested that we put one container per square foot.  So we laid them out starting at the front edge, next to the Retaining Wall and the River of Rocks and extending West to the big Oak tree.

Since this looked okay, we spent the next day taking them out of the containers and putting them in the ground.

Once they were in the ground, we used Zone 8 of the irrigation system to water them into the ground.  Running Zone 8 for 30 minutes took 770 gallons.