Saturday, July 4, 2015

Liriope and Monkey Grass Beds for the West Lawn

When the cable people tore up the Monkey Grass by the greenhouse, it seemed that we should replant what we can over in the West Lawn.  That is closer to what was intended; planting it by the greenhouse was supposed to be just temporary.

The first step is to build up the bed that we dug up.  It has the native dirt, mixed with leaves, grass and compost, but it will settle.  So we first put on a thick layer of the good dirt we are storing in the backyard.

Then we can transplant the Liriope that was left on the wrong side of the river of rocks up by the fence into this bed.  It's a little sparse, but should fill in over time.

That leaves the area on the other side of the river of rocks by the fence empty.

We can build this up with better dirt from the backyard pile and then plant the monkey grass that was torn up by the cable people.