Friday, March 8, 2024

Replace Loft Light Fixture

 The loft has two lights -- a low round fixture on the ceiling over the bookcases, and a long fluorescent light fixture in the wing that goes over the  back bedroom.  The fluorescent light fixture had a plastic bezel to disperse the light from the two fluorescent bulbs, but I often hit it as I was going by and it broken and fell off, leaving the exposed fluorescent bulbs.  So I thought to replace it with a low-profile LED light fixture.

I bought a new fixture at Home Depot -- Commercial Electric LED Ultra Low Profile Wrap Light.  42 inches long. 3400 Lumens. 4000 Kelvin (Bright White).  Says it will last  50,000 hours of use (up to 45 years).

The first problem is removing the old fixture.  Leaving the switch off, we remove the old bulbs.

That exposes the two screws that hold the fixture into the ceiling.  Removing those and disconnection the wiring leaves us with a bare ceiling with a metal box and the wiring.

Mounting the new fixture requires connecting the three wires -- power, common, and ground.  This is made easier by connectors on the light fixture which just requires the wires to be pushed into a hole.  Then we mark where the two screws go to attach the fixture to the ceiling, drilling the holes, inserting the sheetrock anchors, and screwing the two screws into place.  The light fixture is then put in place, pushing the mounting holes in the fixture over the screw heads and twisting slightly.  Then we can tighten the screws to hold everything securely.

We test everything by turning power on at the wall switch, and then clean up.