Thursday, April 11, 2024

Sink Faucet Fixtures Installed in Remodelled Bathrooms

 The faucet fixures and plumbing was done for the remodeled bathrooms.   All the new fixtures are the same, Devonshire Faucets from Kohler. Model K-394-4-BN.

In the center bathroom, we only have the one sink.

and under the sink, we need plumbing to drain the sink

Pretty much the same for the master bathroom.  The two sinks look the same, but the underneath is a little different.

just because of the location of where the water and drain connections are.

I put a piece of newspaper under each one to check for leaks.  Newsprint easily shows any drops of water.   Even if it is a small amount, and it evaporates before I see it, the paper will change texture where it has been wet.

We also installed towel racks.  The towel racks match the faucet style (Devonshire from Kohler).  We installed a short one (18 inches) by the sink and mirror.

and a longer one by the shower.  We had to remove a grab bar, but replaced it with a towel bar that can also work as a grab bar (if it does not have towels).

In the Master Bathroom, we put in a 24 inch towel rod between the two mirrors

and a long one and short one by the entrance to the shower.