Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Gutters for the new Roof

As a part of getting a new roof, they took off the old rain gutters.  Then they put on the new roof.  Today we got the new rain gutters to replace the old ones.  That was part of the contract for the new roof.

The gutters are the seamless type that are created on-site.  They workmen first measured everything.  Then they constructed the gutters and put them on the driveway.

They installed the rain gutters on the house.

and then went back and installed the downspouts.

The last step was to attach special deflectors where the roof has a "valley" that focuses a lot of water into one spot.  The deflector stops it from shooting over the gutter.

These gutters are 4 inches across, which is what was there before, and works for almost all the rain we get.  The downspouts are 4 inches too.