Sunday, September 5, 2021

Re-painting the Garage Walls

Back in Sept, 2019, we re-painted part of the East wall of the garage.  Now we have an opportunity to do the West wall.

First we move all the stuff off the wall.  Then we patch the sheetrock and texture.  We put masking tape on all the edges.

Again, we use a brush in the corners and along the edges, then come back with a roller for the main wall areas.  We are using the standard (for our house) Heavy Cream paint color -- an off-white.

Then we can move the shelving units back to the wall.  We want to get the tools up off the floor and easily accessed.  We have a number of vinyl coated hooks,  but we also buy eight tool supports from Home Depot, $.98 each, a total of $8.49 (with tax).

Use this opportunity to clean up and clear out some of the clutter also.