Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Replacing the Window in the Garage

Over time, we have replaced all the windows in the house.  But there is one last window from the original construction in the garage.  And it is getting increasingly difficult to use.  So I decided to replace it.

We have two options:  (1) Use the same windows as in the house, or (2) Try a different type in the garage.  Out of sheer laziness, I decided to go with the same ones we have in the house.  So, we went back to Renewal By Anderson and told them what we wanted.  They sent a salesman out March 27 to draw up the contract. $2157 for the one window.  April 6 another person comes out to measure the window so that it could be ordered.

May 4 they came out to install it.  Took about two hours. 

The next day someone else came and did the exterior mortar work to finish the installation.

I have trim pieces in the attic that match the window sills and trim from the rest of the house, and we used those.  After everything was dry and stable, I sanded the new sill and trim on the inside, and put two coats of polyurethane on it.