Friday, May 11, 2012

Digging in an Extended South Bed

With the rock wall in place, we have an extended definition of the South Bed.

The old South Bed stopped at a line from the raised bed to the fence that goes thru the middle of the greenhouse. Now it extends further west, to the rock wall, and is no longer rectangular. In addition to the sort of trapezoidal shape, it has the oldest olive tree, the greenhouse, the two shin oaks and one of the newer olive trees.

But not all of it has been excavated, particularly the area between the rock wall and the greenhouse.

So the first problem is to dig out all the rock and dirt to get down to bedrock. This produces a bunch of rubble rock, and a couple big rocks.

In addition, we use the jack hammer to break up the rock between the greenhouse and the fence.

The big rocks are taken around to the curb to get rid of.

In addition, Linda says she doesn't like the ring of rocks at the base of the shin oaks on the other side of the South bed.

So these are also hauled out to the curb.