Wednesday, December 6, 2006

A Sidewalk around the Back Deck

Sept to Dec 2006 

Once the back deck was replaced, and the area under it excavated and then stoned in, we wanted to put a stone sidewalk, or walkway around it. Our layout that showed the planters also shows how the flagstone walkway goes.

The work for this was relatively straightforward. First we have to remove any dirt and grass from this area. 

This leaves us with rock, sometimes all the way down to bedrock.

Now we put a concrete wall down all the way to bedrock, and top it with a layer of limestone blocks, to give it a "natural" appearance. I started to do this, but it was clear that I don't have the skill to do it right, so we paid Lupe $1200 to do it. 

Now we fill all the area which will be under the sidewalk with rock and sand and concrete to fill the space.

Then we smooth it all off with sand and put flagstone rocks on it.

The flagstone rocks are Oklahoma Thin from Austin Custom Stone. They also provided the sand and decomposed Granite that went under the flagstones, for a total cost of $895.04. 

Guadalupe Zarate did the work again, for $3000. Again, an excellent job, level and stable.

This same work was necessary all along the sidewalk, including over by the iris planter.

Along this stretch, we had to move and redesign how the lawn sprinkler system was laid out.