Friday, December 21, 2007

Rebuilding the Back Gable

December 2007 

While working in the backyard, I noticed that the back gable on the house was not what I would have wanted. The original construction was masonry (stone) for the first floor, but all the gables are a stained rough cedar. When we had the loft room remodeled, I had the gable over that room removed and rebuilt with windows and stone exterior. 

So in comparing the gable for the loft room with the gable at the back of the house, I wanted to replace the wood gable with a stone gable. 

I contracted with Dillo Construction for this. The contract was signed on 26 November 2007, and they started work shortly after that. The cost was $5120, with half down, half on completion. Dylan was my main contact. They did a really good job. 

First they took off the existing wood gable, exposing the insulation in the attic.

They framed a new exterior wall, and covered that with Tyvek, then put the new stone exterior on.

This took two or three days and was done by 22 Dec 2007. 

The stone and mortar should age over time to be less noticeably lighter in color.