Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Removing Two Elm Trees

 The February Freeze killed the Monterrey Oak tree, but it also caused a lot of damage with the Elm trees on the other side of the house.  There was the possibility they would recover, despite the damage, but by September it seemed clear that at least two of them would need to be removed.

We got a couple of quotes, and chose Good Guys Tree Service, who did the air-spading work, to remove the trees.  $2850.  As with the other tree work, it took about a month or so from when we said to do the work for them to show up.

But they showed up on Wednesday, about 2:30 pm. and got right to work.  There was a crew of 7 guys.  Some worked from the roof; some from the ground; some from in the trees; some for the neighbor's yard.

They started with the older, larger tree in the middle,


, removing limbs and trimming it back to just one large trunk.

 And eventually even that trunk came down.

Then they did the same to the other tree.

By 4:30, both trees were down and all the branches, trunks, and wood was cleared off.

leaving only two stumps in the ground

We will see how the Texas Sedge and Inland Sea Oaks recover.