Monday, March 7, 2016

Mulching all the beds and trees

Home Depot has the Austin Native Hardwood mulch that we like on sale for $2 a bag, so it's time to mulch all the trees and beds.  We bought 99 bags over several days -- can only fit 18 to 20 in the car at a time.

The Lavender Bed took 11 bags (although almost all the lavender has died).

 The right side of the greenhouse took 7 bags

while the left side of the greenhouse took 10 bags.

 The bed around the Monterrey Oak took 8.

The 3 Elm trees on the West side of the house took 8 bags.


 The big Oak in the back yard took 4 bags.

 The front bed, on the right, took 10 bags.

 The front bed, on the left took 5 bags.

 The big oak in the front took 4 bags.

 The peninsula between the two driveways took 17 bags.

There's a new bed around the Shin Oaks in the back, between the two branches of the River of Rocks.  It needed 4 bags.

And then we needed 1 bag for the Pecan in the back,

and 6 bags (so far) for Zone 2.