Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Draining the Hot Water Heaters

When we first moved in, we drained the hot water heaters on a regular basis -- like every 6 months, and had lots of stuff coming out to show for it. 

Now we haven't drained the hot water heaters since they were put in, about 10 years ago (March 2004).  But it nags at me to be done, so this morning I drained both the hot water heaters.

And what did I get?  Not much.  I drained the hot water heater in the hallway into the guest bathroom tub, and this is all I got:

Trimming the Olive Trees

Both of the olive trees have done quite well since they were planted in Spring 2012.   Compare the olive tree in the North bed in the following
picture taken in March, 2012,

with the picture this morning after I trimmed off the lower tree limbs.

Similarly, the tree in the South Bed has also done well.

Digging along the fence, Part 2

We are continuing to dig along the fence, the objective being to put a cement wall down under the fence, with a white stone top, as a barrier to anything going under the fence.

Progress is slow, as the following pictures show.  Each one is a day's work.


We had a 4 inch rain, and then more rain.  I can't work in the mud.