Friday, April 6, 2012

Filling the North Bed with Lavender

None of the lavender seeds that I planted came up. After about a month, nothing was growing. So I gave up on the seeds and went to buy plants to put in place.

We had one plant that I bought last year and put in a corner of the raised bed until the North Bed was ready. That plant is doing really well. So I transplanted it from the raised bed to the North Bed.

Barton Springs Nursery had a wide variety of lavender in little plastic pots. I bought eleven plants -- two of each, except for one Hidcote which had no other. Then I stopped at Lowe's and Home Depot. They only had a Goodwin Creek variety, so I got 3 more of those. HEB today had another variety -- Fernleaf -- and I bought one of those.

The different varieties are scattered around the bed, as shown below.

The various varieties are listed below:

Linda has asked for some space in the North Bed for something other than lavender.