Monday, January 13, 2014

Pouring the Raised Garden Foundation Walls

Once we have completely dug out the raised garden, we can start forming the walls that will support the limestone 6x6 blocks of the wall around the new raised garden.  We start at the highest spot, which will have the lowest wall.  The objective is to pour a cement wall all around the raised garden at the same level, so that the blocks will be level when placed on the wall.

Forms were  put along the entire side of the pit, and then down both sides.

This gives us a concrete wall as a footing for part of the raised garden pit.


We then extended this across the North end, and around the corner to the back wall.

And then across the back wall, and turn a corner to tie back in to the original pour.

This has taken 63 80-pound bags of concrete so far.  Two trips to Home Depot on 16 Nov -- 21 bags for $73.88 and 15 bags for $52.77.  Then another trip for 20 bags for $70.36 on 27 Dec 2013.  And another trip for 7 bags on 14 Jan for $30.85.

With this last trip to Home Depot, we have enough to finish the cement.  First we frame up the last section.

And once we pour, we have completed the box that defines the raised garden.