Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Cleaning up the outside of the Greenhouse Raised Bed

During construction of the Raised Bed where the greenhouse used to be, the sides occasionally collapsed as we built the inner walls from corrugated sheet metal.  For example, here, on the West side:

While we are waiting for the new dirt to be delivered, we figured we should at least even out these areas, and possibly clean out any rock still in the areas adjacent to the new raised bed.

So we started digging out one side.

We dug out until we hit the underground irrigation system and then down until we hit rock.  Then we got out the jack hammer and took out the rock.

We worked our way around the corner and across the back of the raised bed also.  First moving the dirt, and then taking out the rock.

Then we put the dirt back in place.

The last side had to wait a bit; we took delivery of the dirt to fill the raised bed.

And then it rained.  But eventually we got to digging out the front section outside the raised bed.

After a day of jack-hammering, the rock was broken into many pieces and removed.

Then we could fill the dirt back in, and bring in more of the really good dirt that we bought and had delivered, to finish off the dirt on the outside of the raised bed.

We built a step to get up into the raised bed, and then put mulch around the entire area.