Saturday, September 17, 2016

Filling in the Back Bedroom Bed

With the foundation wall in place, and the bed excavated down to 2 to 3 feet,

we can now start to fill it back in.  The first thing we did was empty all of the contents of the compost bin into the bottom of the bed.

and now we are filling the rest of the bed with the contents of the dirt pile in the back yard that we built as we pulled the dirt out of the bed in the first place.

The dirt on the pile is still pretty wet from being rained on, making it heavy and hard to shovel.  This is going to take a few days.

And it does, but it's just moving dirt.

And then, once we have all the dirt in place, we can put the monkey grass between the rocks of the River of Rocks along the bed.

The dirt that is in the bed is all just the dirt that came out of the bed, mixed up and blended with leaves and grass to give it more organic content.  We even had a small amount of dirt left over after filling the bed.  Clearly, it will settle and compact over time -- it is currently full of air and leaves that will break down.  So we intend to leave it alone for a few months -- maybe until next Spring -- and then bring in enough good dirt to level it back up after it settles.

But, for now, after starting the excavation of this bed back in April, seven months later, we are done with the bed.

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